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Welcome to MrEpicOSTs, the Battle, Epic and Emotional music promotion channel.

We promote music composers who have submitted their tracks to us to share with the world. Our aim is to help rising and renowned music composers and image artists achieve their dream of sharing their work, while being rightfully credited and recognized for their hard work.

MrEpicOSTs shares music genres consisting Battle, Choir, Epic, Emotional, Hybrid, Orchestral, Vocal and sometimes with the combination of electronic music. Music compositions are either original soundtracks or trailer music style pieces.

Jim Thach is the founder of MrEpicOSTs, promoting many talented composers around the world. Jim Thach also enjoys composing amazing musical pieces.

MrEpicOSTs has achieved over 130,000 subscribers and is growing stronger than ever. If you enjoy the music, please follow and support the music composer.

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